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Hi guys!! Meet my new friend, Valentine! She's also a big-boned golden like me, but 1 month older! The only difference is that I am extremely hyper-active (24/7, no joke), whereas her human says she's the direct opposite.

Before I met Valentine, I was a v timid golden who shuns big/multiple paw pals I see during my walks! But ever since we started playing, I would now grab every chance I have to annoy all my other friends!! I think they hate me, because a Jack Russell snapped and almost bit my face the other day. :'[

Well, I was a little apprehensive initially, but then... I showed no mercy!! {I guess it's pretty obvious which one is me hehe.}

Then mommy spotted blood dripping from my leg. I was too excited playing to even notice the wound on my leg. Probably resulted from Valentine's rough play with me, but hey.. WE'RE GOLDENS!!

I'm a haaaaappy girl!!

P.S. Mommy says we're going to the beach this weekend!!! With my 2 other sisters too!!! Can't wait!


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4 Woofs:

Tweedles -- that's me said...

I hope you have fun when you go to the beach! I hope your owie is all better now.

Sully said...

Nothing like a good game of bitey face with golden friends. Y'all have fun at the beach.

Aroo to you,

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

I hope woo have some GReat fun!


Chewy the Golden said...

We are tough puppies! A little booboo will not bring us down when there is so much playing to do!

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