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Hi guys!! Meet my new friend, Valentine! She's also a big-boned golden like me, but 1 month older! The only difference is that I am extremely hyper-active (24/7, no joke), whereas her human says she's the direct opposite.

Before I met Valentine, I was a v timid golden who shuns big/multiple paw pals I see during my walks! But ever since we started playing, I would now grab every chance I have to annoy all my other friends!! I think they hate me, because a Jack Russell snapped and almost bit my face the other day. :'[

Well, I was a little apprehensive initially, but then... I showed no mercy!! {I guess it's pretty obvious which one is me hehe.}

Then mommy spotted blood dripping from my leg. I was too excited playing to even notice the wound on my leg. Probably resulted from Valentine's rough play with me, but hey.. WE'RE GOLDENS!!

I'm a haaaaappy girl!!

P.S. Mommy says we're going to the beach this weekend!!! With my 2 other sisters too!!! Can't wait!


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Can you see it??

Do you see it yet? Do you? Do you?

No? It's alright, come cloooser.
It's me lil puny tongue!! :P


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Baby Lexi.

 Just some photos of fluffy puffy MEEE 3 months ago!!

 Along the way, there'll be some pictures of me which look younger than I am now. Mommy says since this blog started out a lil late, she wants to keep the memories of when I was just a tiny baby.

      When I was 7 weeks old...

Just me biting the curb & carrying the floor mat around.

They should've known that I was a master of destruction then!!
[P.S. That's my brother behind!]

Posing with my bowl. My limbs are now 2x the length!!



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Hi Everydog!!

Hi guys!! It's Angel here. I don't think many of you remember me.. :[

5 years ago, I started a blog and Miko joined in as well.
However, mommy had been busy with her studies and we've stopped our active postings since 2010. But here we are again!

Well, I may not be as feisty as before (Miko too) since I'm already turning 7 this year, but WE'RE STILL ALIVE & HEALTHY! We even have a new baby sister, Lexi! Tho we're not very fond of her... She's too rough!! Our old bones are waaay too fragile to entertain her. THANK GOD she doesn't live with us.

Anyway! We'll be using this new blog from now onwards, so please follow our butts!! :P

P.S. Lexi will be the main handler of this blog! I need my beauty sleep.


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