Oh.. Crap.

We have a 4th girl in the house!!!! Presenting to you...


Hailey is a mongrel pup estimated 2 months old.
Look at that happy tail & cute lil face-- don't let her fool you, she's a mini monster!! 
Mommy adopted her yesterday from someone who found Hailey left at her doorstep but couldn't afford to keep her. 
And then mommy decided I could use a buddy so I wouldn't b as bored when I'm left at home alone. 

We had initially named her "Jaydee" 'cause her rescuer kept referring to Hailey as a 'he'. We thought we could finally have a boy!! 

After showering her, mommy spotted several ticks and plucked out about 8 of them! I kept trying to play with Hailey but she was only interested in the rawhides lying around. :[ Perhaps I was too rough given my size.. But mommy said I was really really gentle! I mean besides the "sliding into her" and "nudging her with my nose till she almost did a somersault", I wasn't rough with her like how I would play with Valentine. I would bite and pull Valentine's legs and ears, but I've never even closed my jaws on Hailey. 
    Small dog, big bone!

Not just that, she was v protective over her bones!! She would bare her teeth at me & growl whenever I came closer. After some trainings, she now drops the bone on command. She is also v wary of me around her food bowl but is otherwise fine with humans regarding food aggression. 

   She took over my bed...

    Until she realised she had her own!

    This was us this morning. 

     & my early-morning goofy face hehehe.

I hope she likes me soon!! I'm already loving my lil sister!!! 


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Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

She is a khutie!


Team Beaglebratz said...

Oh darn, we Beaglebratz missed this - Haily iza cutie. Just give her a bit of time - bet you 2 will git to b best buddiez like us.
Shiloh'n Diva Shasta

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